sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Once upon a time... (Diary of Mirys)

Many people keep asking me about the accident. They ask for details. They ask me about "who", "when", "where", "why" and then ". I have told about it here (which was the volume of information I could handle at the moment). And I think I'm still not ready to speak about that night and the following week. I made a time lapse on purpose in the story (the blog started 10 days after the accident). I made a lapse in the texts and also in my little head. Some days I want to forget ...

Note: for those who do not know, our stories were written long before this blog and there were retrieved with the help of sensational friends!

But there are people who ask me about the BEFORE! "How", "where", "when", "in what way ", "what did he feel", "but you were just friends right?". And about that I have good stories to tell!

Yesterday, writing about my grandmother , I remembered some parts of this story. And I decided it would be nice to leave it registered here, with all the details and confusions that seem interesting to me (people!!! My children will read this one day, do not forget about that!! And I, mother, do not want go from "fun" to "mad mad!").

Of course I can not write "briefly" (cousin .. so sorry! ... but you said you like what I write!...). And it will become a virtual soap opera, complete with scenes of the next chapter, and (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully!) many comments of my co-producers (you, readers!) telling me what would follow IF the story was theirs!

Then, whenever you want to follow the soap opera, look for the icon "Once upon a time." I intend to post them in order and numbered. So you can continue where you left off!
How about?? Let´s go??

Kisses and blessings.

Follow here as I left it ... (Okay, okay ... not that much in the pass! I will start when I met Fer or a little before - just to thrill you!)
And I turned (we turned!) into that ...

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