segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

Once upon a time 5 - Friends!!! (Diary of Mirys)

We´ve met and became friends on the bus, that first day of college!

I'm not sure how it evolved into "best friends" but I know it evolved. And very quickly! Fer was very different from me: he was super shy (he has a brother who was beautiful, outgoing, hairy - everything girls love at 17years old, who also played guitar at parties. And they were super glued! So, one worth the other...), he had few and good friends, he loved to study, he lived in a place with a bunch of other college guys, he went out at night. My territory was the faculty(ies) because the rest of my life was a good ordinary ruled thing. It was kile house - 1st school - English classes - college #2 - house. I did not work (Fer was a trainee at a law firm). I spent my whole weekend at the church or with my church group (very good friends until today).

But we always had much in common: music, books, english, cinema. We thought much the same!

Fer was a member of ONE of my class groups in college (did I not tell you that I´d spoke with the door knob, if she answered me ???). This group was like: three girls and two boys (well... the "fix" members) plus a floating population that was always around. The boys were barbarians: good friends, always willing to help, good studants. Usually they took their license before us (girls) and they drove us up and down the city. Fer had a white VW!! It was alwasy breaking. It had a rum that led something to somewhere that, when heated, dilated and left the its correct place. So we had to stop the car, replace the barrel in his corner, cool it (Fer always had a pet in his car with water) and move on. Or was it or was a belt slipping problem and we needed to stop the car, put it in place, and move on.

Sometimes we went out at night. The whole gang. Then I discovered that my friend was a very good dancer (I just smile remembering of him dancing wildly at... hey, I forgot the name of the club! But remember that there was a blue drink there that I loved - when I decided to try some alcohol and bear one or two shots in the mouth).

To be outside, in a club, next to two of the prettiest girls in college was a common thing for me. I was never the beautiful one. Always the "nice" one. At first, I loved the title. Then I started to hate (because it came to mean "not pretty, but cool"). Then I returned to love again. But the girls were gorgeous! M. was tall, brunette, slim, with a huge smooth hair, super smile. L. was lower than myself, but had a clear clurly hair, green eyes and a body to die for! It was great when we went anywhere. Hang out with them was like going out with my sister number two (I will not do the ad because she has married now. But she is beautiful !!!): learn to talk to all the guys who were interested in them. Learn to be friendly, the "nice" one! Learn to smile and laugh, knowing that nobody would be interested in you when they´re around! And you understand that having "one meter long leg" is stunning only to Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." For you, it means nothing when you have lower but WONDERFUL girls on your side! ...

But that's alright. I was dating the boyfriend #4, remember? And I kept in that way almost the entire college. So I went to these places just to dance! And I was allowed to go out so few times that I used my time to dance as much as possible!

And Fer, too, had a girlfriend. For a longtime ...

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