terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Once upon a time 6 - His side of the story (Diário da Mirys)

That's right: Fer and I were just friends. We became best friends, somewhere in the path ... but that's it!

I had a boyfriend with whom I was the last 5 years and this relationship consumed me entirely. It had strong emotions, exciting fights, reconciliations made in Hollywood, love notes, flowers, surprising visits, tons of jealousy and insecurity. And we´re almost addicted to it. Me and him. And we had no room for anyone else.

Fer also had someone from the years before college. He was dating a beautiful girl, brunette, blue eyes, gorgeous body. She was from his home town. She was his high school sweetheart (always the most turbulent, but the most striking relationships, isn´t it?), and they remained together for many years in college. It was also something intense, with comings and goings, jealousy, like a script from some film.

As we were best friends and considering his opinion was always very sensible, when I was fighting with boyfriend #4, I ran to Fer to tell him and ask his opinion. And vice versa! With great male advices (to me) and great female advices (from me to him), we managed to keep our past relationships until near the end of college (kkkkk! If I only knew ...). There was never an "atmosphere" between us, I never received a "meaningless phrase" from him, we never had anything like that! We were just best friends!!

I remember being given advice to him that would have thrown his girlfriend into his arms (and vice versa, again) forever. "She's jealous? Pleased her, Fer! Buy some flowers. Make a little dinner for two. Call her at an unexpected time. Appears at her house in the middle of the week (she lived in their home town, remember?). Make a crazy passionated thing !!!". "You fought because you screwed up? Go there, Fer, go to her and apologize. But, make it right! Make her feel the most important girl in the world." Would not you be with a guy who made you feel THE one, the principal, the only one?? I'd be ...

Fer's advice to me was already completely opposite! ´Cause ... I was always on the edge, very intense, very high to the tenth power. And I had found my "pot cover", the perfect guy for me and my intensity (boyfriend #4). Pressure cooker !!!!!!!!!! So, the advices from Fer were "take it easy, Mirys. I know you 2 are okay, but need not stay stuck all the time. I know you 2 are not ok, but there´s no need to suffer so much. Pretend you have nothing to do with it, pretend that you do not want the guy back. " And he returned. Ding!

The funniest part (to me, of course. Because for her, should not have been funny at all!) was that his girlfriend died of jealousy me, according to Fer (watch out! I never talked to the girl about it). Me ????? My dear, why ????? I pushed this man to you! I was the only one around he who´s NOT interesting (remember that my girlfriends were beautiful?)!!! I was a boy for him, a fellow to tell guys stories (without the part of belching and some other things that men love to do to prove his manhood)!

But after the first week of college (in other city), he returned home. And he found his girlfriend. I will simulate now because, from now on, I did not watch the scene. I only heard it a few times (like 1,304,549,270).

Girlfriend: "Hi" smack, smack
Fer: "hi" smack, smack
Girlfriend: "Hey, how was school?"
Fer "It was cool. Very nice. The lessons were cool, the jokes with new peopel was fun."
Girlfriend, "and... do you met new people?"
Fer: "Yes. I made many new friends in class."
Girlfriend: "How cool! Who are they?"
Fer: "There´s guy A, guy B, guy C, girl Mirys, girl ..."
Girlfriend: "WHO IS THIS #@$%#@&*#$@! MIRYS ????????????????"

That´s it, folks ... I think I just have bad luck to be quoted in the first place ... and I only realized how serious and dangerous my situation was the day that I traveled abroad on a tour WITH Fer´s girlfriend ! Yes .. the world is the size of a pea ...

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