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Once upon a time 1 - Hi. Nice to meet you (Diary of Mirys)

I started college by the age of 17yo (recently completed). I was a baby, I know! I did not know anything about anything at that time. Honestly, I think it was better that way...

I only had 4 boyfriends (I never "be" with anyone. I had relationships).

The first one was magic! I started to date him when I was 13 years old (he was 17) and just had our first kiss on 14 November, i.e. after my 14th birthday! Dad taught me well. I delaied and wait to the maximun! But when it happened, wow, IT HAPPENED!! Everyone says the first kiss is a disaster, you do not know what to do, neither does the boy, etc ... but I got lucky! My first boyfriend was much older, i.e. super adult (cof! cof!), and my first kiss was exactly what I had dreamed of. Result: I got the head in the clouds for suuuuuuch a long time. And I adopted as a motto the phrase: "the important is kissing on the mouth and being happy." Don´t you laugh!! It was super deep and meaningful, for me, at that time! Guys, remember that I was only 14 y.o.!!!!!!!!! I was dating this boy for more or less a year (counting from the beginning that we would call that a "dating" cause we only walked around hand in hand).

The second was a mad crush. What did I have in my head at that time????? The guy had nothing to do with me, wanted nothing to do with me, but I carried bags the size of the world for him. Humpf! There are people who are so silly, right? One day (after I had sent roses to the house of the guy !!!), he decided to "step down" to my level and we got together. It was perfect! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We were finally dating!! I was so in ecstatic about it that I did not realized that we were dating just for me! Just in my head! He was not in a relationship! Seriously! We dated (like "only I've dated") for a year untill I broke up (hello?????) with him. And I carried chains ´cause of this guy for over a century! ... (Go figure the bizzare being that inhabits my body ...). PS: one day, I paid it back! But that is for another story!

The third boyfriend was a nice and cool guy who was much more interested in me than I was in him. You know that classic case of groups from school that has 5 girls and 5 boys and all the other eight are involved lovingly, unless you and a boy?? So that was the case. My case. It was my first boyfriend who had a car, someone that pick me up and give me lifts, who had talked to my parents, who worked, who gave me gifts. I was very, very well treated in those days. And it was a delight to get out all together, with the group. The hard part was when we were just the two of us. He liked me more than the reverse and when the balance tilts too much to one side, the relationship does not flow. It was terrible breaking up with him ... but my next boyfriend gave me a little help (hilarious details in a forthcoming post).

The 4th boyfriend, I even called him "brother" because we were so close to each other. Like "really best friends", you know? I had helped the poor and small (he is more the 78 inches tall!!!!) guy to stay with his 2 first girlfriends. I was a real friend, do you get it? Until one day, in a bus, coming back from a trip with a bunch of friends, I asked to sleep on the whole bank (yes! He would have to move to a bench foward on the bus, in the middle of the noisy part of it! How cool was I?). But his legs would not fit in any space other than that one where we´re seating - the last seat. And he suggested that I fell asleep in his lap anyway. And I say "ok" (he was like a BROTHER to me! Focus, people! Focus !!!!). So, in the middle of my sleeping time, he gave me a little kiss on the mouth and I woke up scared. WHATTHEH..ISGOINGONHERE?? DeclarationS and confessions rolled high, but I could not see the boy in another way that was not as my brother. After all, best friend's almost a brother, is not it?

But the guy was insistent ... He nocked at my door, and talked to me at church and he asked to his friends to talk to me and asked and asked and asked. One afternoon, in front of my house, I decide to say: "-Yeah. Let's try." Where I was thinking at that time ??????????????????????? (When you know the whole story, you will understand my question). But the fact is that we kissed and... it was horrible! Yes, terrible! But so, so, so terrible that I played not nicely and said "-Ok .. that was not cool ... well ... let´s try this: I'll kiss you like my ex boyfriend used to kiss me and then we see if it works, ok? Then, you tell me what you think ...". (Boys who read me: if one day some crazy girl say such an indecent thing for you, run! Run away!! Run as fast as you can!! Close the parentheses.) Despite the french kiss worked out very well with my ex, with that new wannabe boyfriend nothing tourned out right at the first attempt. Neither the second, nor the third. But, some say that the practice leads to perfection... I'll just say this then: perfect! Years and years of practice later, he still holds the medal for "best kiss of my life!". Humpf! It´s better not remember or think about it.... I dated him for 5 years from junior high until I almost finished two colleges.

Yes, with all the wisdom I have at 17 years old, I decided it would be a good idea to start two colleges at the same time! I did law school in the mornings and journalism in the evenings. And since I was a little girl full of aspirations in life, I still attached some more specialized courses of English and French and dancing in all my free afternoons!

The first day of class at law school was classic: a lot of veterans, classroom presentation, a lot of requesting for pennies at the lights, general drunkenness with veterans at one of the most famous pubs in the city. And in the middle of all this I retourned home. Full of dreams, plans, expectations for the future. I went home by bus because I did not drive (could not) at the time. I was sitting in the back of the bus, whistling for life! "What a wonderful world..." And someone asked me:

"- You are also in the FAC (law school), don´t you?"
I look to my side and there was a boy, about 17, skinny skinny, sitting beside me, someone I thought I had seen before in the class. He was not huge (like my boyfriend). He was not super beautiful. He was not a leader of anything. Not attracted attention. It was pretty shy, actually. But, he was fortunate that I was not! On the contrary, I always talked to anyone who wanna talk to me (even a blue streak)! And because I was dating the huge boy number 4 (above), because I was in the phase "all-in-good-than-life-has-to-offer" in that relationship, I was so in love, so I started talking to the boy on the bus. Zero problems in sight! A begginer like me. A little lost like me. Skinny and brown hair like me. We step out the bus at the same point. I should go to my grandmother´s (remember I lived with my grandmother?) and his shoul go to his aunt, where he lived, who stood near. At the corner of my house, I turned to him (he would continue uphill, toward his house) and said:

"- So bye. See you tomorrow."
"- See you tomorrow. "
"- Oh, I'm Mirys, by the way."
"- Very nice to meet you. I'm Fernando."

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Anônimo disse...

Apesar de a postagem estar em inglês (e fazia séculos que eu não lia um texto em ingles, kkk) adorei conhecer sua história!

Anônimo disse...

Valeu inclusive por me forçar a treinar, hehe