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Once upon a time 2 - The boyfriend # 2 (Diary of Mirys)

Opening a parentheses to not let you be curious after the things I´ve said...

Let´s establish some points: boyfriend number 2 was all that I wrote in a previous post. Or better saying: he was not everything I told you. At least, not with me. And I was there, all naive, 15y.o., dragging the worlllllllldddddddd because of him and he felt like he was the last cookie in the package (the most wanted one). With my help! I myself lifted the ball and gave it a "rape star trek" (remember that? A little note, below). Well ...

And there we were: me, super in love, thinking the boy was everything that was the good in this life, and he didn´t giving me any thoughts. To me, we were dating and I was what a girlfriend should be: if he called I runned towards him, I bought gifts, I send him notes, I was faithful, I do not leave home without him, etc, etc, etc.. Seing things from his perspective, we were not dating ... he was nothing of that! And so it went until I could not take over and putted an end to that dating thing (dating?? Courtship of only one ??? I was really silly).

Of course, I still saw the guy many times in my walks in Jau (my parents city) and I still received some calls and visits from him when I went to college (hence, I had become "important" and more interesting, people!). I confess that I was burning inside but I did not show that, no even open some space to he to enter. What if he told me he wanted nothing with me?? No way! To much risk! As my very intelligent mother say: some things are better not to be asken and not knowing than to be asked and you do not like the answer!

And I was always in doubt if the guy had some interest in me or not (if I was interested in us for the both of us). He was making fun, running around, etc. but he had never been direct like "I'm into you." And I pretended he was not there.

The coup de grace came when, after years and years (and I already forgot of his existence and my teenage crush was already 100% ended), I seted up my wedding. And he read about it in the newspaper. Small town's difficult to hide things! Then, days (few days) before the wedding, I get a little letter from him. Hand in hand (how did he find me???). Plus: he delivered the following message (coming from his mouth): "- would be wasteful to the world if you do get marry because you are too good to stay with one person only ... Here (he gave me the letter). If you change your mind, I am around here. "

Miriane´s Ego 1,000,000,000,000 X 0 boyfriend #2

Point for me! Late, but struck!

A little note: Star Trek: a specific type of drawing down in volleyball. The ball is right in order to achieve great heights (about 25 meters). The increase in the radius of the parabola described by the trajectory makes the ball almost straight down, and at speeds of 70 km / h. Popularized in the 1980s by the Brazilian team, especially by former player Bernard Rajzman, he is now considered outdated and is no longer playing in international competitions. Source: wikipedia / volleyball

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