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Once upon a time 3 - Boyfriend #3 (Diary of Mirys)

I promised to tell you how I´d broken up with boyfriend number 3, didn´t I? Let´s see...

Well ... We (me and boyfriend #3) were dating for almost year but it was worthless. The balance was very heavy to his side: while I wanted nothing more than friendship, he is falling more and more in love with me ... I decided it would be better off, somewhat. So we talked and ended the relationship. Simple like that. Pretty much normal.

IIIIFFFFFFFF he´nt remained in love.
IIIIIFFFFFFFFF I was not a softie and easy to convince one, who can not say "no" and stick at it. Now I know. At the time I was a disaster! I was not dating him anymore, nor having casual encounters with him (remember I told you I do not this kind of things?), but I accepted to talk every time he asked me to talk to him. And listened. And talked. And tried to explain that it was the best for him. But ... he always had one more request for a conversation ...

I changed schools (at the third year of juniro high). So, I was no longer with him and the whole old group every day. When I wanted to see the girls, I get out with them. As we could not meet by chance at school anymore the boyfriend #3 started to go at my home and talk to me (and try to convince me to come back).

The only problem was that, at that time of my life, months after the #3rd broke up, the wannabe boyfriend #4 (that one about the little kiss at the bus), was already in the area. Super jealous! And huge (remember I told you he was more than 78 inches tall? Yeah ... forgot to mention that he weighed 225 pounds! And I weighed 112 pounds! Point taken, the guy was huge!). And because of his size, wannabe boyfriend #4 was frightening for the other claimants. And as I was the best friend of the wannabe #4 guy, I knew him so very well to know he could cause problems for my (now ex) boyfriend #3. So, I tried to avoid conversations with #3 (for his own safety).

But one day he insisted so very much that I gave in and told him to come to my house to talk (and I try to convince him, once again, that was not worth being together). He went there in his clean and beautiful car. And stopped at the door. 2p.m. sharp. I got in the car and we´ve talked there, in broad daylight.

In the middle of a sentence like: "-John Doe, you're pretty cool, but I do not deserve you ..." I heard a "BOOM!". Seconds later, another "BOOM." Followed by a "PLOFT". It looked like there was a bombing nearby (verrrrry close, like on top of our heads). A colorful bombing thoug! In the midst of such "BUM", "ploft", "SQUASH", "BANG", "Poft," "BAM", we begin to see the car window changing colors ... green (avocado), orange, yellow (egg), red (watermelon) ...

Near to my house there was a huge public grocery store. And fruits and vegetables unsold and unsaleable went to a huge trash can, right there in front of the store. What happened was that my (wannabe) boyfriend #4 passed in front of my house and he saw the car with me inside talking to the former boyfriend. Dying of jealousy, he stopped in the first place we found (the grocery store), grabbed the first thing found (or flimsy rotten fruit, garbage) went to a nearby space (across the street in from my house) and started throwing trash on the competition. Literally!

And so boyfriend #3 never appeared again!

(Closes the parenthesis)

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